Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Hola! I hope everyone's quarter is ending smoothly...yay for Ecuador in 17 days! Ahhh! Who knew that it would be here so quickly?

So I don't really know what to say in all of'll start w/ a few of my favorites: I LOVE spicy food, shakira, singing, trying new things, travelling (i have wanderlust), good books, shopping, coffee, feminism and vaginas. I seriously dislike white condiments (mayo, ranch dressing), derogatory language, close-mindedness and lazyness. I'm a bad speller. I can't eat ice cream or sing. I love to talk. I cry alot. My favorite cities are Chicago and Barcelona. My favorite things about Columbus are Betty's, Moy's and Mirror lake. I absolutely have to go on a trip every few weeks, even if it's only to Bowling Green to visit my significant other, Paul aka my apple who I talk too much about. I'm obnixous. I'm super excited about trying all of the fruit (11 types of bananas?! who knew!?) and the guinea pig!!

And to summerize b/c I had no clue what to put in this thing, I asked my friends what they would want to know about me if they didn't know me and had to spend a week in Ecuador w/ me...does that make sense? think about it for a second and then read on to their comments...

Azher: that you like to talk explicitly about sex and that people shouldn't get shocked if you say something they aren't ready for
Azher: your never in a medium mood, you're always really mad, sad, happy etc

Nadeem: "you're a dead sexy heart breaker who smiles a lot and has pretty eyes" (ok i just put this in here to flatter myself, i'm pretty narcissitic as well)

Kavitha: talk about what your vagina likes to say
(this is actually a fab. descriptor of me-my vag. has a lot to say!)

*The pic is of Sheeva and I being fabulous during Vagina Monologues!

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