Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Better Late Than Never!!!

So, I have been slightly delinquint in the blogging world, but I wanted to write something (even though we leave for Ecuador in about 2 days)!

My name is Liz. I am a 5th year senior, 23 years old, and proud of it, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Psych and Sexuality Studies. I will be graduating this Spring and am looking to go to culinary school in New York when I leave. I am a random, crazy, open person...and I am very excited about this trip!

It will be my first time leaving the country. I might get freaked out on the plane and attempt to jump off, but just ignore that! My passport picture is awful, so if anything happens to me...don't let anyone see it:)

I guess I am just really, really excited. This entire time I didn't actually believe that I was going and now, well, it is all starting to come together!

I can't wait for our group dinner on Friday and so sorry I missed Bob's great pizza party. I heard it was awesome!

Ok ya'll....till Friday:)


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