Sunday, January 22, 2006



WOW! This blogging thing is simply amazing! :)

I'm Andrew - a 3rd year theatre major and a VERY EXCITED co-trip leader for the ASB trip to Ecuador this Spring Break. much should i reveal...?

well, i'm a theatre fanatic. and am planning on making sure that, by the end of trip, whenever i sing a showtune, all of you will not only be able to name the show it is from but also be able to sing along. :)
other than that, i love board games, being a Buckeye, artichokes, and Bob Dog (my stuffed animal from when i was little)

The picture I have up (and yes, that is me with a buzz haircut and facial hair) is from last year's ASB trip to Oklahoma where we volunteered at a Head Start program on the Cherokee Nation - an amazing and eye-opening experience. The little girl I am holding is named Emily - and let's just say it was hard to leave her. ;)

That's all for now. I hope all of you know how thrilled I am for this trip...I promise that Dhriti and I will do all we can to make this a wonderful experience for all of us.
I already heart all of you!

YAY for service!

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